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How Long Does a 500mg CBD Cartridge Last?

How Long Does a 500mg Cartridge Last

how long your 500mg cartridge will last? Perhaps it’s one of the most common questions asked by hundreds of thousands of people over the Internet. And if you’re one of those who just bought a new CBD cartridge to get rid of chronic pain, stress and need to be relaxed but also curious regarding vape cartridge life, you’ve come to the right page.

Obviously, you should get an answer to this question of how many vape hits will it provide and how long will it last.

It’s important to note that there are quite a few different aspects that decide how long it will last? So, let’s have a look below!

How Long Can 500mg CBD Cartridge Will Last?

All available vape pens that use oil cartridges are quite convenient to use, and interestingly, one can substitute them with ease since an entire CBD plant is included in its cartridge.

Most importantly, cleaning up and refilling doesn’t take a huge amount of time as everything can be done in a jiffy. Keep vaping until it’s finished completely. And thanks to its clear housing, it enables you to keep monitoring oil levels and determine when it’s required to refill again.

The answer to the question of how long will a cartridge last, however, entirely depends on which kind of vaporizer do you choose. Let us mention that CBD vaporizers and CBD vape cartridges are available in different sizes to choose from, and hence, they burn at various temperatures.

Moreover, all vape cartridges are made of different materials and comprise variable quality processing. Therefore, it’s quite hard to claim that which vape cartridge will last longer.

At DreamWoRx Botanicals, we have an impressive range of CBD cartridges to choose from. BioCBD+, however, is one of the most popular vape cartridges available around and it’s too easy to give an estimate about it.

It’s equipped with natural hemp CBD vape formulation which is 100% natural. This 500mg cartridge is a mixer of 200mg full-spectrum CBD and 300mg, on the other hand, contain plant terpenes and essential oils.

Every single puff you vape will consume around 2mg of available 500mg which, indeed, means that it’ll provide you around 199-249 puffs before it ends. You can, however, extrapolate to guess that your cartridge will take roughly one month based on the recommended dose per day.

How different Aspects Affect on CBD Cartridge Life?

Even if we can make an aggregate calculation, certain aspects can reduce or prolong the life of a cartridge. Some major considerations are as follow:

Dose Quantity

It’s our prediction that you’ll get around 2mg of CBD+ vaporization in every single puff, as mentioned above. So, if the 2-10mg dosage is recommended on a daily basis, it means every person should inhale 5 times.

Since every person is different from the other, some will experience its effects for long whereas others will have experience for short. Unquestionably, if you need only 3 inhalations per session, your oil cartridge will be twice at the end of the month than those who need 6 inhalations per session.


CBD starts typically working within 30 seconds when you inhale the first vapour. According to the different online sources, these effects can last up to 6 hours.

Very much like dosage, quite a few people can experience the effects for more than 6 hours. And those who feel the effects are likely to squeeze after 4 hours every day during another session.

If a person has 4 sessions of 1-2mg a day, the person with 3 sessions a day of 1-2mg will always have a quarter cartridge left before the month ends.

To enjoy every inhale, we recommend our customers just to close their eyes, inhale CBD and feel their bodies. After 2 to 5 inhales consecutively, you’ll start feeling happier, relaxed, brighter as well as energetic. You won’t feel any noticeable pain in your body anymore.

The Battery

Without a shadow of a doubt, the battery plays a significant role to increase or decrease a CBD cartridge life. We recommend you to grab BioCBD+ vape CBD cartridge with its BioCBD+ battery.

It’s because if you use your BioCBD+ vape cartridge with different batteries, you’ll start running out of CBD at a much faster rate.

The BioCBD+ cartridge is designed to comprise any 510-thread battery. Furthermore, it’s also designed to vaporize with an ideal temperature in the proprietary BioCBD+ formulation.

This particular heat configuration is meaningfully lower as compared to the average battery that normally heats up quickly. And hence, it causes oil to overheat and burn incompetently. Moreover, it leaves you with a bad degustation cartridge that is less durable.

Detach Battery When Not Using

If you’re not using your vape pen, it’s a bold move to disengage the cartridge from the pen for an excellent performance. It doesn’t only increase the longevity of the bottle but also guarantees that the oil doesn’t get heated needlessly. Thus, leaks and breaks are avoided.

It Matters Where You Keep It

You should always keep your cartridges in dry and cool places or areas. It’s important to note that putting your cartridges in direct sunlight can cause the oil to dissolve. We recommend you to keep it in the case that is supplied alongside it.

Last but absolutely not the least, proper inhalation is mandatory as improper inhalation or puffs can result in waste. Be mindful that you can only get beneficial effects of vaporization through proper inhalation.

For more details regarding cartridges types and other information, you can browse your site and learn more.

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